Retaining Wall Installation

Having Trouble Holding Your Ground?

Prevent Erosion and Beauty Your Rockford or Machesney Park, IL Home

You’ve got plenty of land on your property, but much of it is sloped and lies unused. If you’d like to make use of this space, turn to Foss Landscapes Inc of Machesney Park, IL for a retaining wall installation. We can use rock, concrete, wood and boulders to create retaining walls that will enhance the appearance of your outdoor space and prevent your sloped land from eroding.


3 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall on Your Property

Retaining walls can serve a variety of aesthetic and functional purposes on your property. Here are a few indicators that you should install a retaining wall in your yard:

  1. Your land is too sloped to be useful
  2. Your land experiences severe erosion
  3. Your property experiences frequent flooding

Consult with Foss Landscapes Inc about installing a retaining wall on your property.

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